15 Things You Need To Do To Create A Successful 2015!

Life and What Matters

1.  Wake Up In The Morning, Pray And Ask God To Show You Your Purpose For The Day. 

Make a list of everything that you have to do even your plans for the week but do not stress over the days to come; live one day at a time completing each task that God has place before you, for that day.

2015 2

2.  Take A Moment to Meditate On The Word Of God; Every day.

This is the only way you will be able to actually hear from Him, so that he can order your steps for the day and don’t forget to thank him for what’s to come.

2015 3
3.  Don’t Be The Person Who Hinders Your Own Growth.

Don’t beat yourself up about where God has placed you in your life at the moment. Thank him and ask him to broaden your territory and don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen right away. God may feel that you need more time to mature in a certain area before he can promote you. But hold on to the optimism of where he is about to take you.

2015 4

4.  Stay Positive Daily.

In any situation know that you can turn a negative into a positive just by your response to the situation, alone; believe in all that God has given you, down on the inside to succeed; know that nothing is impossible when you put your faith and obedience in God. Optimistic attitude give positive results.

2015 1

5.  Focus On Self-Growth, Spiritually, Mentally & Emotionally.

Get closer to your maker (God) so that He can reveal to you more of you; learn and study his word so that you can learn your purpose, true worth and value and all that your Father in Heaven has planned for your life. This will make the challenges of this world less stressful and more understanding.

2015 02

6.  Understand That God Makes No Mistakes & That Everything Happens For A Reason.

God makes no mistakes, he give us free will do make our own decisions and sometimes those decisions may not be the best for our life but at the end of the day; challenges are going to come regardless; they are there to make us grow stronger and to draw us closer to Him. So, for every optical, expect something good to come out of it and keep the faith, to know that it will.

2015 7

7.  Don’t Waste Time Thinking About What Could Have Been & Forgive What Is Not.

Time is precious and short, God tells us to forgive and not to look behind but to keep our eyes on him. Issues of the past, thing we didn’t do; negative people who crossed our paths, things that we can no longer control because they are long gone. LET IT GO; move forward and invest that energy into positive, present moments that will move us forward into our destiny.

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8.  Eat Healthy & Work Out.

Sit down, have a nice wholesome breakfast, not just a quick cup of coffee; then eat a healthy lunch and an equally healthy dinner; snack during the day but don’t over indulge because it can make you feel sluggish and depressed and you will not want to work out but only eat more.  You may even think about doing a quick work out every morning before you start your day to get it out the way.

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 9.  Remember That Hard Work + Dedication = Success.

I hate to be the barrier of bad news; but there is no substitution for hard work; you must put in what you want to get out of any situation; that goes for your relationships, career, children, finaces, etc. Build a strong foundation on hard work and dedication and your Success will stand for ever. 

2015 9

10.  Stop Complaining.

I love that song by Rev. Paul Jones “I Won’t Complain”

I had some good days and I’ve had some hills to climb; some weary days and some lonely nights; but I won’t complain……….because when I look around and I think things over; all of my good days out way my bad days!!!!!!!!!

That’s the optimisms I’m talking about right there!!!!!!  Complaining is a quick fix for the moment; afterwards you may feel better (or maybe not) but that still doesn’t change the situation at hand, it only makes people not want to be around you; because they don’t want to catch the virus that comes along with complaining; called DEPRESSION!

2015 11

11.  Think About Someone Other Than Yourself.

Become a Mentor; get involved in a ministry to help others. Go to a soup kitchen and help out; make a donation; do something for someone other than yourself. Do something to help someone other than you. Encourage someone through your testimony by giving them a word from God; because we all have one.

2015 12

12.  Don’t Be Your Worst Enemy.

Love yourself, enjoy who God has made you to be; God said that we are fearfully and wonderfully made in his image, so embrace every flaw and even every accomplishment. Self-love builds self-worth; you can’t have one without the other. If it’s something that you want to work on that you don’t like about you; do your best to correct it and if it’s not correctable; don’t lose sleep over it. As long as you know you’ve don’t your best, you are perfect.

2015 15

13.  Have A Vision & A Plan For Your Life.

Have a vision for you future, where do you want to be next year? Create a vision board and structure your life in a way that complements your vision. Set Goals, have admirations, build your future one day at a time and be consistent in working towards it daily.

2015 16


14.  Smile, Be Happy And Be Nice To Everyone That Cross Your Path Daily.

So many times we get caught up with the cares of life and we forget to enjoy it. Enjoy life, hang out with friends, enjoy your family, find something that you like to do and do it as a hobby. Be nice to others; even if you don’t know them. A simple smile and hello can change someone’s day and yours as well.

2015 17

15.  Get Some Good Rest.

Shut it down and go to bed at a decent hour every night; schedule a routine bedtime and lay it down; turn off the phone, TV and computes. Cut the light off and rest your mind, body and soul; so that you can be revived and rejuvenated for the next day.

2015 13



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