Actor, Writer, Comedian… Dawan Owens Is The Fanzyflaminfro Man Candy Monday Crush! Tyler Perry Sure Know How To Pick Them!!!

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Dawan Owens is an actor, writer and comedian known for The Thumb Wrestler (2015), Trust Me (2013) and Men, Interrupted (2009), but currently known for The Oprah Network, hit show… “Tyler Perry’s, If Loving You is Wrong.”


Dawan Owens has been making his mark in the acting world. Dawan recently appeared on Fox‘s hit show New Girl and CBS‘s Criminal Minds, voices the character Raymond Bishop in EA Sports‘ video game Fight Night and has a regular role on BET‘s number one show, Hell Date (where Punk’d meets dating).

Ohhh, I did not know that he was on that show; I use to love that show; y’all remember HELL DATE!!! With the little person as the Hell Date Devil; that would pop out and let you know that you’ve just been on a Hell Date and poke you with his fork!  LOL!!

If you don’t remember, here’s a little back drop of the show!


The show started with one unsuspecting date telling the viewers who his/her ideal mate is. This individual thinks that he/she is on a standard dating show, such as “Blind Date“, where both daters have gone on a TV show to look for love. However, in this case the second dater is actually an actor portraying a genuine dater. This actor, known as a “Hell Dater”, portrays a character who has an incredibly annoying personality trait which is typical of the single worst date that most people have ever been on.

As the date progresses, the Hell Dater becomes increasingly more extreme in their off-putting behavior, making life more and more miserable for the unsuspecting dater. Finally, the victimized dater is put out of their misery when a little person dressed as a devil jumps out, pokes them with a pitchfork, and exclaims, “You on Hell Date!”

Man, this was real life for me; when this show was Hot and Popping, I would be cracking up every time I decided to go out on a date, because I would just be waiting for that little guy to pop out on me. LOL! Straight Hell Dates, all of them!!!! Funnnnnny!

But anyway back to Dawan Owens cute self! He is simply, just the cutest and the funny thing is that I didn’t realize how cute he was until he favored my tweet last week about “MCMC” Kofi Siriboe, and now this week; he’s taken over the slot!

Yes Honey! Ca-Ute; look at those eyes! He is definitely the Fanzyflaminfro Man Candy Monday Crush!


But not only is he highly attractive, but he got brains, y’all and I’m not just talking about memorizing a script brains; I’m talking degreed up; Information Science, brains; yes…

Dawan graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Information Science, and rose through the ranks of one of the world’s top IT consulting firms. Yelp; he’s a nerd too; I love me a cute nerd! But after all that paid education Dawan Owens realized that comedy was his true calling.

See, this goes back to my quote about your calling may not be what your degree is in! That’s your job not your CALLING!  Your calling is a gift from God and that job is normally what you went to school for just to make ends meet!

Almost immediately after his stand-up earned him a spot in Comedy Central’s “Open Mic Fight,” Dawan booked his first acting job as a series regular on “The Bobby Lee Project.” Since then, Dawan has appeared on numerous television shows, including, “Southland,” “New Girl,” “Criminal Minds,” “NCIS:LA” and “Hit the Floor.”

He had a breakout recurring role on Fuse’s first scripted series, “The Hustle,” and recently made his big-screen debut alongside Felicity Huffman, Amanda Peet and Sam Rockwell in Clark Gregg’s “Trust Me.” And we all know what he’s currently doing!!! Big Homie Quan… but not the rapper!

Dawan stars in The Oprah Winfrey Network’s, hit freshman series, “Tyler Perry’s, If Loving You is Wrong.” He plays Quan, a volatile character whose intentions to bring his best friend Joey back in the fold, upon his return home, are seen as mislead.


Quan be getting on my nerves y’all but if you from the streets that what it is; until you change your mind-set!

Quan! Stop being a bully and getting bullied at the same time! LOL!

Gotta love that show!

Y’all I bet Dawan would play a mean Malik on my soon to come Silent Moments movie!  I can see him killing the role right now! I’m just saying; that bad boy mixed in with that college boy; that’s Malik all day!

Now Ladies if you all would like to keep up with Quan… I mean, Dawan Owens; you can following him on tweeter @DawanOwens

Yelp, I’m always hooking y’all up! Now check out this clip from one of his stand-up comedy shows below.


Also, just FYI; that Mr. Owens is kind of like me; “HE LIKE TO QUOTE HIMSELF” check out one of his famous quotes! LOL! That’s cute, huh!?!

“I make a lot of mistakes, not because I’m human but because…I have no clue what the hell I’m doing.” –Dawan Owens

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