African-American Hair & Superstitions…..In Your Granny’s Voice; Hair Wise Tales!!!!!!

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African-American superstitions originate from a mixture of ancient African religion, Native American traditions, and European folklore.


Growing up do you remember hearing that an itchy palm means you are going to receive money soon? Or stepping on a crack can break your mother’s back? Or dreaming of fish means someone you know is pregnant?

Superstition was part of a legitimate belief system during slavery for African Americans.


Although many of us typically won’t admit they are superstitious, there are many superstitions black people believe in because of how deeply ingrained they are in Black culture.  Especially black hair superstitions.

The ‘crowning glory’ is one of the most indestructible parts of the body. That being said, a sudden loss of hair is unlucky, forecasting a decline in health, loss of property or failure in business, or the death of a closely related child. Red hair is associated with fiery-tempered people; black and dark brown hair indicate strength; fair hair implies timidity.  Oh and there’s more…………………


A Helping of Good Old-Fashioned Black Hair Superstition “Black Hair In Bondage”

  1.  Always burn the hair in your brush or someone could use it to put a hex on you.
  2. Never comb, brush or cut your hair outside because if a bird comes and collects a stray loc for its nest, you will:
  3. Feel it pecking at your head
  4. Get headaches
  5. Love your mind
  6. Suffer the same fate as the bird’s babies
  7. Always wear your hair covered when menstruating.
  8. If you allow more than 1 person to work on your hair at a time:
  9. Your hair will fall out
  10. The youngest worker/helper will die
  11.  Don’t let a pregnant woman do your hair or you’ll become pregnant too.
  12. After someone finishes working on your hair, it’s bad luck to say thank you.  Instead, say “More hair.”
  13. Never cut a boy child’s hair before age one, or:
  14. It won’t grow
  15. It will be kinky and nappy
  16. After you cut your hair, if you place a loc in the Bible it will grow back faster
  17. It’s bad luck for a woman to cut a man’s hair, especially if she’s menstruating
  18. If you want your hair to grow back, only cut it when there is a full moon.
  19. If you get gray hair when you’re young, it means you were a good baby.


What wises tells do you recall from your child hood?

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