Daddy, Daddy, Daddy… Poem Written By Tammy Hinkle-Davis

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Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…
 Yes Tammy!
 Daddy, can you read me a bedtime story,
 Get down on your knees,
 And say a prayer with me,
 Tuck me in,
 Nice and tight;
 Then kiss me on my cheek before you say goodnight?
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…
 Yes Tammy!
 Daddy, will you buy me flowers, diamond earring and pearls;
 Be my first date;
 Tteach me how to dance,
 And let me stand on your feet as we twirl?
 Take me shopping at the mall,
 Be there to catch me when I fall?
 Tell me to always follow my dreams,
 And let me know that I can become ANYTHING?
 Allow me, to be me,
 And even when I act spoil,
 Throw tantrums, talk sassy or act silly;
 During my growing pains.
 You’ll still be there,
 Right Daddy?
 And your love will always remain the same.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…
 Yes Tammy!
 Daddy, will you talk to me,
 Listen to me,
 Teach me,
 And even put me in my place when I need,
 Because, let’s be real;
 My moods are like yours moods;
 After all I am your seed.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…
 Yes Tammy!
 Will you stick by my side and weather the storm,
 No matter how big or small.
 And sometimes,
 Just reach out,
 Grab me, hold me, and kiss me,
 Then tell me…
 So that when, that other man comes along;
 Gets down on one knee,
 And asks to marry me.
 I can look at you and fill proud,
 Because in him I will see;
 A man just like you;
 What a real man is SUPPOSED to be.
 Because you are not just my Daddy,
 But you are…
 My Protector
 My Provider
 And My Priest;
 Who taught me, what to look for in a man;
 And how a man should ALWAYS treat me.

Thank you… Daddy!

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis

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