Embrace YOU! Love YOU! God Doesn’t Make Mistakes; Therefore we are all perfect & Insecurities Are Not Welcomed In!

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Ladies today is Himay10nence Wednesday and you know what that means……

That means, that I get to share one of my favorite Himay10nence YouTube videos with you;  well today it’s not going to be about hair and it’s definitely not going to be about taxes……………… I think y’all got enough of that last week .  “LOl!”

Today’s video is going to be about something that can creep into you mind, conquer it and mentally take you to a state of being that could be detrimental to your health……………


Insecurities that we as individuals have; yes, I said we!

We all have them at some point or another but it’s about how we manage them, that’s makes the difference .  Here is the definition for insecurity and insecure if you don’t know what they mean…………..

InsecurityInsecurity is a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of confidence or anxiety about yourself.

Insecure – Not sure or certain; doubtful:

2. Inadequately guarded or protected; unsafe:

3. Not firm or fixed; unsteady:

    a. Lacking stability; troubled:

    b. Lacking self-confidence; plagued by anxiety:

Goddesses everyone is different in some kind of way; whether it’s your hair, your body, your appearance, etc. but everyone is made perfect in God’s eyes and we should honor how God has made us and not let our insecurities creep in to make us think that we would be better and/or look better with alterations.

ins2 ins4

Honor thyself and honor what God has made; put aside all those insecurities and start acting like the smart, capable, beautiful person God designed you to be!

Embrace YOU! Love YOU! God doesn’t make mistakes!  Therefore we are all perfect!


Here is an extremely touching video by Himay10nence that may give you that boost of confidence you need to move forward in the loving yourself for yourself as God sees you process!

It’s a shame that something like this had to happen to bring awareness to this damaging, deadly state of being. (Insecure)


Thanks Himay10nence for making this video & Shout out to Apryl Michelle Brown for allowing her story to be told!
Click here to watch this video and thank God for making you fearfully and wonderfully made, perfect in his image! <3

Honor thyself—insecurities can be the DEATH OF YOU




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