Fanzyflaminfro’s Famous Natural Hair Quotes!!!!! Part 3

Natural Hair Care, Speak It... Quotes & Poetry

We all have our own Natural Hair Journey; and our own Natural Hair dreams, goals and aspirations;

Whether it’s to have healthy long and full Natural Hair or simple healthy, short and sassy with coils on top of curls.

And we all the power to achieve those dreams, goals and aspirations; as long as we keep believing in the power and strength of FANZYFLAMINFRO CURL ENHANCING GROWTH PUDDING!

CINNAMON, PEPPERMINT AND LAVENDER; which hair experience would you like!

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis

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For ever coil you have a few waves;

With those few waves come multiple curls;

Now add those multiple curls with those few waves, along with ever coil;

And you’ve created NATURAL HAIR uniqueness!

Top it off with a BOW-TIE and some GLASSES and you have….


-Tammy Hinkle-Davis

culs and coils


Let your NATURAL HAIR stand tall and proud;

With strength, body and flexibility.

Stretch those curls and coils so that they can reach their full potential of beauty.

Show off what you hair can truly do in its NATURAL element!

Tammy Hinkle-Davis



The longer my hair is in its natural state;

The more I realize the impact it has on my life and those around me;

Kinky, Curly, Coils and waves is who I am;

And if that’s called NAPPY;

So what because it makes my hair HAPPY!

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis



Find the joy of reverting you hair back to its natural state;

Be happy about your journey to free-dome, freedom;

Freedom to healthy hair, freedom to strong hair, freedom to YOUR ORIGINAL HAIR;

Free as it has ever been, since you were about 10;

So free your dome; de-relaxmatize you mind and let your NATURAL HAIR BE FREE!

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis



The best time of a Fall day, is when the warm sun beams down on your skin;

And the gentle winds kiss the curls and coils of your hair;

How THANKFUL I am for this beautiful FALL DAY!

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis



You are not the only someone in the WORLD with beautiful NATURAL HAIR;

But to you……………….


And that’s enough for you, in your own WORLD.

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis



Natural Hair Prosperity is 99% moisturizing & trimming

And only 1% styling;

The Style of the hair will only last for a while;

But the health of the hair can last a life time.

-Tammy Hinkle Davis



If you want to wake up every morning with Natural Hair satisfaction;

You have to remember to go to bed every night……………..

With your bonnet.

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis

bonet bonet2


Natural Hair is like good 70’s music to my soul;

It feels me with healthy, strong, rooted inspiration

Like Vinyl Spinning Records, Textile Clothes and AFROS.

Tammy Hinkle-Davis

tx1 tx2 tx3


Follow the passion you had for your Natural Hair when you first Big-Chopped

Listen to your hair when your texture screams

I worth more than just a daily puff

Make every day a Natural Hair Celebration

So that the vision you have for your Natural Hair can be achieved and not deceived.

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis



Express yourself with………..





Fanzyflaminfro is just “KEEPING IT KINKY”

@Global Couture

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis


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