Himay10nence Wednesday Presents “Stop Money Snapping” Tis The Season!!!!

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Okay, Goddesses, since tis the season for money snapping and today is Himay10nence Wednesday it would only be fitting for me to post her video called “Stop Money Snapping”  Now, I know… some of you are out there going…………………
Now what is Fanzyflaminfro talking about and what the heck is MONEY SNAPPING?
Well, MONEY SNAPPING is when someone gets a lump sum of money and they are so excited because they are not use to having it so they go bananas.  This normally happens around INCOME TAX RETURN TIME!  Again, tis the season for money snapping.
You know buying 60 inch TV’s, Xbox’s’, $1,000.00 Hand Bags, $1,000.00 shoes and all that crap that is not important considering they’ve been scraping a scuffling all year.  But know since they got about $3,000.00 over $5.00 they popping tags, buying out the bar and giving it away basically “per this video” Y’all ever heard that say “It ain’t pimping if you got it” well what if you only got it once a year?  What is that called?  IJS!
It’s nice to have nice things and everyone loves to pamper themselves but sometimes you have to be logical and think about what’s important and what’s not or even just be rational and say well if I treat myself and buy this for $500 I’m going to invest that other $500 into something beneficial for my future or I’m also going to save another $500 and keep it for a rainy day.  IJS cause after all the money snapping is over; then what?
STOP MONEY SNAPPING!   Himay10nence Y’all!!!!!!!
Click link below to view video!
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