His Love Romances In Me…. Poem Writing By Tammy Hinkle-Davis

Life and What Matters, Praise & Worship

Romance loves me,

It lives in me.

Like the air I breath.

My life without Romance,

Would be detrimental indeed.

Because when I think,

Of life without it,

It suffocates me.


All my life,

I’ve search for a Romance,

That wanted me.

Filled with all the love, joy, peace

And contentment I need.

Now the Romance I speak.

Don’t look like what you think.

The Romance I desire,

Is so much higher.

The Romance I need,

Is not out of lust or greed.

The Romance I seek,

Demands my love,

But His,

Is easy to receive.

The glory of His grace,

It puts a daily smile on my face.


His mercy and His love,

Is all I think of.

Because my Romance,

Is with my Father.

The King,

That sits high above.

My Lord and Savior,

His love Ramances in me

Until eternity.

-Tammy Hinkle-Davis


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