I Love To Wear My Hair Thoughts On My Back!

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Hello My NHG’s

I Love to wear my hair thoughts on my back through simple and direct messages…….. (What are you talking about Flaminfro?)

Well, I have a “SUPERFANTASTIC T-SHIRT SITE” that expresses everything I want to say, when I notice people staring at me and my hair!

Y’all know what I’m talking about; you know those people who just can’t stop staring in awe; like they’ve never seen thick healthy hair before in their life.

Ooooh……… and what about those people who ask to touch it? Do you let them or do you look like……….”HUH!?”

Where they ask that at?!

Or worse, they just touch it without asking!

Like for instance when you’re in the grocery store or hanging out walking the strip on a nice sunny day…………

Even when you’re driving in the car and the people in the car next to you missed the green light because they’re starring at your hair and then once you make it to where you’re going; that same person pulls up in the parking spot next to you…….I know it sounds bananas but it happens and it’s the truth.


So, I know that if you’re anything like me you just want to say “What are you looking at? GEZZZZZ!

What you’ve never watched a movie with Foxy Brown in it before or you don’t know who Angela Davis is; I’m not an alien; I was born like this!”

Well, I have a remedy for the madness; It’s amazing what you can say about your hair through a T-Shirt; that way, they won’t be confused when they take that first glance at your hair and you won’t have to say a word because the T-Shirt will tell them exactly what they need to know and it will be just enough to stop them from starring and keep them moving.


See below just a few examples of what I have to offer on my site @ fanzyflaminfro.spreadshirt.com ; also go to the website and check it out.

I’m sure you will see something that you would like to say and right now they are on sale everything is 15% off!!!!!!!!!

And as always; God bless you and your hair and have a SUPERFANTASTIC HAIR DAY!

Don’t forget to pray and thank God for another day……………….Peace!



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    wow thats great

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    wow thats great

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