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Silent Moments… When Your Present + Your Pleasure = A Future Unknown!

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Silent Moments is about a woman’s journey from infidelity to redemption. This book will take readers on a roller-coaster ride of conflicting emotions and guilty pleasures.

Silent Moments is a romantic drama that is going to take you on a mind-blowing, emotional roller coaster of passion, love, lust, guilt, shame, sin, fornication, and deliverance. You’re about to enter into the world of Eva!
Eva is a woman who on the outside looks like she has it all: the perfect successful life, with the big house, the fancy cars, the ideal family, the great friends, and all the tangible things that come with it. Yet she is still searching for more. She has left the suburbs of St. Louis and has landed on Sin Drive, in the loft district of downtown, where every step she takes leads her away from the present, only to fantasize about her future.
The enemy has infiltrated her ideal life in an effort to destroy her purpose. But although she has stepped on the wrong side of town and out of the will of God, God still has a plan for her life. God continues to love her even in her mess, even when she doesn’t love herself, and in doing so, He puts a twist of deliverance on her life.
We all know that when you are living in sin, the only end is destruction. But we also know that God can step into our life, and change our situation on a dime, and send us in a new direction. Changing our life and rerouting our end, so that we can live again, regardless of our present circumstances.
Even when you’re in your most sinful mess, your suffering could be a part of your deliverance process. God can bless us how and when He chooses, if He chooses. And when God has a call on your life, you can rest assured that in the end, He is going to get the glory out of it, by any means necessary.

Native Cover_5349476_Front Cover

As a Christian Woman, I struggled with publishing this book, because I didn’t want to give readers the wrong impression. Being the woman that I am in Christ, I would never want to glorify sin, because I know that my salvation is worth more than any guilty pleasure or willingly sinful act.

However; when I began writing this book years’ ago, my mind and heart was not in Christ. It was in the world. But as I grew to know the Lord, and became more aware of the purpose that He had for my life; I knew that this book was a story that anyone who is teetering the fence of salvation, needed to read.

Without a doubt, this book is going to definitely take readers on a dark-sinful journey. Because during the process of me writing this book; I was on my own dark-sinful journey. Only to be brought through, to the light of deliverance; which is a place that I never could have gotten to on my own. Only God could have gotten me here.

That said! I felt that, in order for this book to effectively reach the audience that it needed to reach, I had to KEEP IT REAL. Therefore, I had to publish this book just as it was written, when I first began this journey.

Every word, every thought and every conversation; had to be exactly as the original manuscript. To show readers, just how AWESOME God really is and how far you can grow, if you are growing in Him.

There may be someone who is thinking about ordering and reading this book, right now. That may need to know, that GOD is faithful: in all things; even when we are not faithful to Him. And because, He loves us so much; even when we think that we are not worthy of His love, His grace and/or His mercy; if we look to Him and ask Him for deliverance and forgiveness, and mean it from our hearts; He will be right there with the answer. Sometimes His answer may be with a twist, and the twist may or may not, be in our favor. But the deliverance will definitely come.

All we have to do is supply the faith, believe and trust in Jesus Christ as our Savior. And through Him, we can reach God and be redeemed and receive salvation. I’m a witness!

God is our Savior, and His love never fails.

To read exerpts from the first 2 chapters of this book, click here:

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Silent Moments…

When You Present + Your Pleasure = A Futrue Unknown



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    DeVonshae Person (Ali)
    May 28, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    I’m so proud of you. I know what it’s like to be a Christian with the gift to write. Many will judge you when you write graphic scenes and include profanity in your work of art. However, art IMITATES life! Keeping it 100% means writing a script with realistic characters who have lived the story line. A little of ourselves is in each character and in each story. We have been redeemed! Now we have to take others back in time to our filth so that they can see that although sin has left a crimson stain, our God has washed us white as snow! May God arise in this book which I declare will set the stage for your ministry to broken women world wide and allow you to break the chain of fornication, adultery, perversion and soul ties that come with these sins. As you have yielded to be transparent may others in bondage be drawn to the light. In Jesus name!~DeVonshae Ali

    • Reply
      February 23, 2016 at 9:54 pm

      Thanks you so much DeVonshae, this means a lot; as a writer yourself you know the struggle is real. But I couldn’t have said it better myself….. WHAT YOU SAID! LOL! Thanks and luv you sista!

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