Silent Moments The Sequel… “After The Silence Has Been Broken” Is On It’s Way! Here’s An Excerpt.

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Silent Moments the sequel…
After The Silence Has Been Broken… Is on it’s way.

Here’s an excerpt of After The Silence Has Been Broken, taken from the chapter titled “Grace At The Foot Of Sin”

If you have not read Silent Moments… When Your Present + Your Pleasure = A Future Unknown you better order it quickly. Don’t be left in the fog and don’t know what’s going on with Drake and Eva!
Because this is going to be a whole new journey of truth for both of them.

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“Drake! I need you to except what is, and what is going to be; except that our “Grace” was not so sufficient. But understand that it was all in God’s plan; that you and I made those mistakes and broke all the rules, and now we must pay for the sin we put ourselves in.”
“Yes, Grace belongs to Malik through DNA but I’m more than certain; you prepped me for the making of her, hours before; in our silent time. So don’t sit there with that blank disappointed stare; as if to say, you don’t know how she couldn’t be yours… but his. If it wasn’t for our silent moments spent together, would Malik have even wanted to have sex with me that night; because that’s all it was. SEX!”
“You knew what it was, you knew who I was. A married women with a whole family. Therefore; you also knew what I had to do to make us work. And that meant, me continuing to be a wife; acting normal and not like I had a man on the side. Meaning… performing my wifely duties as usual, but afterwards thinking of you and the hours before, and how filthy I felt sleeping with two men in one day.”
“But now, I belong to you and you only; I’m your wife, so we have to deal with this together as a family. Grace is no mistake, she is just our consequence that God has decided to place at our feet.”
“What will we do now? We will never tell anyone, that’s what we will do. As far as I’m concerned, Grace is your daughter and we will raise her as such!”

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