Solange All White Everything Wedding; Gone Brush Your Shoulders Off!!!!! “In My Brother-In-Law Voice” I’m Married, Fashion Forward……..And I Did It My Way!!!!

Life and What Matters

On 11/16/14 Solange Knowles said the heck with an “All White Party” I’m going to have and all white wedding and I mean all white everything!!!!!


Solange Knowles and Video Director Alan Ferguson tied the knot in New Orleans in front of around 200 guests, according to People magazine. Based on photos, when I say it was “brush your shoulders off” clean; in my Jay Z voice (who was there by the way) it was just that!

White was the color for everyone who attended. And everyone looked amazing, including the bicycles that Solange and Ferguson pulled up on. Yes, you heard me; bicycles!


They arrived at the Marigny Opera House in New Orleans looking as elegant and divined as Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire only they weren’t dancing yet.

The bride wore a stunning, low-cut white jumpsuit with a cape. Her groom sported a matching all-white suit. The couple rode white vintage bicycles up to their wedding venue at Holy Trinity Church in the Bywater area of New Orleans. Knowles’ basket even held flowers. The stunning venue, which has been used as a shooting location in several films, was decorated with four trees covered in white lights and large hanging lights


I’m talking CHIC to the 10th power; soooooooooo Sola………….

She wore a cream pantsuit and cape by Stéphane Rolland, and the groom was BEAT in a white suit and no tie.

Okay; after seeing the above picture; I know you are all going……….



Well of course you all know that Solange is 28 years old right!? Well this DIVA has gotten her an older man; Mr. Ferguson and I don’t take saying Mr. lightly…………….

Because he is a Mr. a 51 year old Mr.

Yeeeeaaasss Honey; Mrs. Salonge has went out and gotten herself and older man. And don’t be haten either; because a women like her, who knows what she wants and who she is and has made a name for herself as one of the most influential Naturalistas in the fashion industry not to exclude music; don’t need no pants sagging, foot dragging, little boy following and running up behind her talking about………….

Can you take me to the Beyoncé and Jay Z concert? She already has a 10 year old son; she doesn’t need another one.

That being said…………..


Cause you picked a good ripe one!!!!! And he is handsome!!!!! He fits your look and style like a glove and he has his own stuff going on.


Ferguson is a director; D.I.R.E.C.T.O.R.

He has directed videos for artists including Katy Perry and John Legend, and also directed Beyoncé’s “Party” and “Dance for You” videos so he is established and ready to shoot her next video for free cause they married now; what’s his is hers and what’s hers is his. Hello! With a musical inclined, talented family like hers; adding a director to musical geniuses and models is like adding chocolate icing to a pound cake……………

It can only make it better!

And this is Knowles’ second marriage; she married her son Daniel, father (Daniel Smith) in 2004 when she was 17, however they split in 2007; so she done it before and this time it’s going to be everything she expected it to be because she’s matured and he is a grown man…………….

Check out what Solange had to say to Harper’s Bazaar earlier in 2014!

Luckily, I dated all of the losers’ ages ago,”

Haaaaaa! Moving right along………….

The guest list, I’m sure is what you really want to know about: Yes, Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy attended.  Why wouldn’t they; they are family! Don’t ever get it twisted……….


You better check your records and not that TMZ elevator incident!!!!!


Also in attendance were Solonge’s mom Tina Knowles, Solonge’s son Daniel Julez and musician Janelle Monae in addition to many other handpicked elite guests in the fashion and music industry.

After all Solange Knowles is known for her fashion as much as her music, and her weekend wedding was a sure display of nothing less than who she is……..

A fashion forward, Natualista, who likes to do thing untraditionally and her way.

And every time she does it; she kills the moment and steels our hearts even more. I love this Chic!!! She is my friend in my head and I was all up and in that wedding in my mind; yes! In my Wendy Williams voice!!!!!!


Congratulations Solange, you deserve happiness and most of all happiness with someone who will allow you to be you and who embraces who you are and that’s not intimidated by your success but supports it more than anything!!!!!


May God bless your union and may you and your family live Happily Ever After!!!!!

Oh and when you are done with those wedding outfits; please send them all my way!!!!!! LOL!

Now Goddesses although she just got married and was in gulped in all the Bride and Groom activities; she still made time for the other man in her life; her son Julez; check out this video of her and him dancing. Toooo cute! Again; soooooooo Sola; doing it her way!!!!!!





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  • DeVonshae Person
    November 18, 2014 at 5:49 am

    The wedding was everything!That hair though!!!!! Flawless. Yes ma’am she got herself a GROWN man and he is sooo fine! Congrats!
    ~DeVonshae Person
    #publishedauthor #poet #mochalattelupus

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