Soul-Ties… Free Me!

Life and What Matters, Speak It... Quotes & Poetry


How is it that they have attached themselves to me?

Could it be,

Because I slept with him and he slept with her, she and me!

Is this why sometimes my mind,

Be playing tricks with me.

Hallucinating, delusional, tormenting memories.

Because I’ve open the doors.

The doors of my soul,

And now I have multiple personalities;

Living inside me!

But on the Flip side,

What about me…

What about me personally;

My mother, my father, my child, my friends, even the company I keep;

Souls are all in some way, tied to me.

Whether it be legally or illegally.

It’s never just me;

It’s always we!

So be caution about the links,

And if not;

Ask God to release!

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