Tyler Lepley, You Are Not Only The Fanzyflaminfro Eye Candy Monday Feature But You Are A Women’s Dream Lover!

Man Candy Monday

Tyler Lepley is an 6 foot tall, 27 year old, God fearing, single, atheletic, good looking actor; Tyler parents have been married for over 25 years but even though Lepley had a stable family invironment, he still had a trying childhood because he thought that he was different.

His mom and stepdad are white, but he’s biracial.


I’m assuming that his biological father may be African American, not for sure; so don’t quote me on that.

Tyler is now known for The Haves and the Have Nots (2013), Baggage Claim (2013) and Dirty People (2014).

But “The Haves and the Have Nots” is what put him on the map as one of the sexiest men on TV.

Tyler plays Benny Young on the hit OWN show, born in Philly, he was an athlete and criminal justice major but because Tyler wanted more of life, he packed up his bags and move to Beverly Hills;

Tyler moved to Los Angeles with only $400 in his pocket and paid the bills by doing personal training.


Yes, Ladies; that’s where that gorgeous body came from.

No the funny thing is that Tyler didn’t go to LA with the intention of becoming an actor. The 27-year-old Kutztown University graduate was just looking for a change. Somewhere between hanging out at a gym in Santa Monica, somebody spotted Lepley flexing those biceps and could see that he was a star in the making.

After auditioning for and nabbing a role in an independent feature, his first film role, Lepley caught the acting bug. He took some classes and eventually was cast in small roles in movies like Baggage Claim, and is now doing big things on Tyler Perry’s hit show, “The Haves and the Have Nots” alongside Tika Sumpter (he plays her half-brother).


He’s a talented young actor on the rise, so y’all better keep your eyes on him and that’s not hard to do, considering how good looking he is; and I’m not just talking about his face but that body is more eye candy than you need on one man.

Did you see him on the first episode of “The Haves and the Have Nots,” Ty Lepley appears on the TV screen bare-chested and wearing a pair of pajama pants slung so low, they could give you chills.


Benny Young, is the nice FINE guy, son of a housemaid who helps keep his family together.

But Ladies, let’s not get it twisted, Tyler is more than just a tall glass of ice water on a hot summer day in the park. Don’t let the biceps, luscious lips and captivating eyes fool you. This man is educated, athletic and has dreams that just don’t include chasing women.

Ladies you know what I’m talking about; you know how some men, fine like him; when they make and become famous, that don’t know how to act and/or control themselves, so they chase every tail that comes their way. Well not Tyler.

He’s very aware of the opportunities that God has given him and yes he loves the ladies and he would love to be in a relationship but he feels that right now is just not the time. He is focused Ladies, and he’s not going to let anything get him off track or distract him from fulfilling his dreams.

Tyler was quoted saying.

What I am is very focused on what my dream is, what my priority is, creating this dream into a reality, right?

I’m also very aware of what a woman needs. A real woman needs real time and deserves to be her man’s No. 1 priority. So I’d be lying if I would tell any woman, ‘You’re my No. 1 priority.’ “

WELLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! In my church voice!


But enought about that; I just hope all you ladies get the point; work before pleasure with Tyler!!!!!!

Now let’s talk about Tyler’s youth years; which is what helped create the man you see today……..

Tyler was a full fledge athlete at Central Bucks High School West, where he played basketball and football and ran track. He won a football scholarship to Kutztown, where he was a starting running back.


By age 19, he was the classic big man on campus. Until a 2007 incident that changed everything.

Following a night of drinking, Tyler and another player got into a fight with some students, which led to the players both being arrested and eventually expelled. Tyler later fought to get himself reinstated in school, but his football career was finished and this took a toll on him because his coach kicked him off the team.

So the big man on campus was not the little man who couldn’t play on the field because of a mistake that actually taught him a lifelong lesson.


Tyler was quotes saying………..

I was taught a serious lesson. I was stripped of football. I also was stripped of my schooling. Everything that I had was taken away from me.”

Kutztown; however, agreed to let him back in school, Lepley worked hard for the next two years and graduated in 2010 with a degree in criminal justice. However, with a misdemeanor record, Lepley couldn’t find a job in any criminal-justice field. He also tried and failed to get a dealer’s license to work at Parx Casino.

Lepley wound up pumping gas. He worked in a sandwich shop. He did some gambling and worked as a bookie. It was a path to nowhere, and Lepley realized it.


So, in 2011, he moved out to Los Angeles after a friend offered him a place to stay. And that’s where it all begin; Tyler was convinced to take some acting classes and after contemplating with his self that he really didn’t need them and could make it happen without them; he came to his senses in remembrance of what had happened back and Kutztown and decided to let go of his Pride and take the classes and look at him now.

In addition to independent films, he’s been cast in an episode of CBS’ “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and the CW’s “90210.” He plays a potential love interest of Paula Patton’s in “Baggage Claim.

So far, his biggest role has been in “The Haves and the Have Nots.

Take a look at his Acting credits below; then take a look at his live interview with Jacob Kohinoor of Crave TV!

If you haven’t fallen in love with Tyler on the Have & Have Nots; you will definitely fall in love with him after watching this video.Tyler Lepley, You Are Not Only The Fanzyflaminfro Eye Candy Monday Feature But You Are A Women’s Dream Lover!


Actor Credits

2014Dirty People Detective Dave

2013-2014The Haves and the Have Nots(TV Series) Benny Young

Episode #1.36(2014) … Benny Young

Episode #1.35(2014) … Benny Young

Episode #1.31(2014) … Benny Young

Episode #1.30(2014) … Benny Young

Episode #1.34(2014) … Benny Young

Show all 36 episodes

2013Hollywood Chaos Victor Reins

2013Baggage Claim Curtis

2013Sake-Bomb Bar Patron

201290210(TV Series) Gym Guy

It’s All Fun and Games(2012) … Gym Guy

2012Slumber Party Slaughter Tyrese

Hide Show Self (2 credits)

2015The Real(TV Series) Himself

Tyler Lepley(2015) … Himself

2011Style It Rich(TV Movie) Himself



Crave TV Interviewed by Jacob Kohinoor




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