What Happened To Thriller “IT CHICK” Ola Ray? Where Is Ola Ray Today!

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Did you all know that Ola Ray was born in St. Louis Mo.?

Well, Ola Ray (born in St. Louis, MO. on August 26, 1960) is an American model and actress most notable for her role as the girlfriend of Michael Jackson in the short fill Thriller. Ola moved to Japan at the age of 15; where she sang in a rock band and did some modeling. At the age of 17 she decided to move to LA/Hollywood to further her career.

Ray modeled for Playboy and was the Playmate of the Month for the June 1980 issue and even did some cool curly hair promotional commercials. Later becoming famous for her role as the Girlfriend of Michael Jackson in the Thrilling music video Thriller.

Ray stated in an interview a few years back that during the Thriller video shoot, she actually fell in love with Michael Jackson.

Ray is now 57 years of age and currently lives in Sacramento where she assists her daughter with her grandchildren. She is also currently working on a deal for her new book; that is a biography about her life from childhood to the women she has become.

Ray complained in the past about difficulties collecting royalties from her participation in Thriller. At first, Ray blamed Michael Jackson. She ultimately sued Jackson in May 2009 in a dispute to obtain uncollected royalties. Jackson died less than two months later on June 25 at age 50, after suffering cardiac arrest. In 2012, The Michael Jackson Family Trust settled the lawsuit.

When asked in an interview about how she became the “It Girl” for the Michael Jackson Thriller video; she stated that it was because of her layout in Playboy Magazine! Apparently, someone showed the pictures to Michael and two weeks later she had the part.

Click the link below and check out her interviews; also check out her video that she dedicated to Michael Jackson! LOL!!!

A bit weird if you ask me; but hey! I guess that’s what Michael Jackson will do to you; leave you making videos and singing about the past when he is dead and gone!

“WHAT HAPPEN with the video, don’t ask me; just watch it for yourself!”

And don’t forget to click the link and watch the video that made Ola famous! “THRILLER”

Ola Ray Interviews

Ola Ray “Remember” Video Dedicated To Michael Jackson from Ola

Thriller Video

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